Saturday, July 29, 2006

A visit in the Bran area with so called Dracula Castle

Discutions with the Drumer of Citadel of Sighisoara

Landscape in the mountains


Ciprian said...

Dracula - a character that is always en vogue for so many centuries, is a name that inspired and still inspire many legends, a word that brings fear into some regions where it is spoken, show the real identity: demon, wear wolf, vampire, or fearless leader, unmerciful, unforgiving; a fighter for law, for justice and liberty. Now you can find out all about Dracula’s legend visiting the site.

Adam said...

Transylvania has always been intertwined with the legend of Dracula. Tourists find it a mysterious place for travel. Social networking discussions about such myth adds up to the popularity of this place.

Through travel social media, we've seen a different facet of Transylvania. It's actually a place for nature lovers. It has an amazing landscape and view.

Very interesting journey. Transylvania is definitely a unique travel destination!

worldofdogs said...

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